From KitchenAid to Companion, discover the new accessories for your robot!

Planetary machines and multifunctional robots are at the center of all discussions!
These smart appliances revolutionize the kitchen and breathe new life into recipes. I am able to mix, cut, cook, emulsify and even program remotely ... Are you satisfied with your new friend but want to exploit its possibilities even more? Discover our selection of accessories for these new assistants!

KitchenAid accessories

Let's talk about the accessories of the famous KitchenAid.
You already know that this powerful robot has more than one ace up its sleeve! For example, it allows you to prepare large quantities of dough for bread or to whip large quantities of cream. But we can also add accessories for cutting, slicing, cutting.

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Kit of 3 KitchenAid 5KSMFPPC accessories

© KitchenAid / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 222.50

Do you want to make your robot even more performing? This set contains all the accessories you need to cut, slice, grate, slice or blend! Includes:

  • a helicopter: for slicing and mincing meat and other foods
  • a sharp rasp: for slicing thinly sliced ​​vegetables, cheeses and even chocolate
  • a colander for fruit and vegetables: to reduce food to puree

Practical and complete, this set fits all KitchenAid robots, simply place the accessory with the attachment on the front of the robot.

Spiral vegetable cutter 5KSM1APC

© KitchenAid / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 104.83

Give your creativity a boost with the spiral vegetable cutter! Its blade allows you to cut in different, more and more surprising ways. The vegetable cutter consists of:

  • spiral slicing blades: for making strips of zucchini or many other vegetables
  • Slice the blades
  • peeling blades: to peel a potato or an apple in 10 seconds

This versatile accessory will allow you to quickly cut, cut, peel and create original recipes.

Companion Accessories

If you are quite fond of the food processor quality, then you are definitely the happy owner of the Companion! This charming ally is the ideal chef to help you prepare your dishes. But how to make this food processor even more efficient?

Vegetable cutter XF383110

© Moulinex / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 88.69

Are you addicted to vegetables and even more to finely grated ones? The vegetable cutter XF383110 is required. This accessory fits all Companion robot models. Thanks to its 3 reversible discs it allows you to cut and grate directly in the cooking bowl. A real asset!

Steamer XF384B10

© Moulinex / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 104

Steaming is very interesting, it retains the nutritional benefits.The XF384B10 pot will allow you to prepare many recipes thanks to its two additional cooking levels. Made with a stainless steel steam compartment, a steam tray and a juice collector, this accessory is essential if you want to prepare your vegetables and meats with steam. Its large capacity of 3.7 liters is ideal for preparing dinner for the whole family.

Accessories for Cookeo

The famous Cookeo, the cute round robot that simplifies everyday life ... This model seduces many cooks thanks to its ease of use and its handling. Some models are also connected. With some well-chosen accessories, it turns out be even more practical!

The Xa605011 tank

© Moulinex / Amazon Buy on Amazon for 42 €

The Xa605011 tank is an additional tank for your Cookeo. Simple and practical, it adds to your device accessories. Compatible with all models, its large capacity of 6 liters will allow you to prepare all your recipes. Between two dishes, it's always interesting to have an extra bowl on hand!

Carrying bag XA607800

© Moulinex / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 47.49

Will you be spending the weekend with friends, going on vacation or just wanting to lend your favorite culinary assistant to one of your relatives? The transport bag becomes essential to carry your little robot with you. Its 2 handles will facilitate travel and its foam coating will protect your device from possible bumps.

Accessories for Cook Expert by Magimix

Among the high-tech devices known to be powerful, the Cook Expert is not excluded. This induction food processor is very versatile. It allows you to make preparations, from appetizer to dessert.
It can also be an excellent ally in pastry once well equipped.

Cook Expert XL Mixer

© Magimix / Amazon Buy on Amazon for 65 €

The XL mixer is the perfect accessory for cooking experts. Thanks to him, kneading large quantities of yeast dough will never be a problem again.
With the XL blade, you will simply double the initial capacity your mixer could knead. The XL mixer has a very specific shape, it rotates more slowly to work the dough in large quantities. It will allow you to prepare 6 to 12 people ... A real accessory for professionals that can be easily assembled and disassembled!

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