9 essential accessories for your spring cleaning

It's time for spring cleaning!
We know, you don't really want it (and who has it !?) but taking advantage of the first beautiful days to air your home, has only advantages.
First of all, just like your clothes, even the house needs to lighten and overwhelmed by the Japanese trend of Marie Kondo, let's give the green light to decluttering!

Throwing away all unused objects frees up space as well as the mind.
Once the superfluous has been eliminated, cleaning will certainly be easier!
But to do it right you will need some allies, that's why we reveal the 9 essential items for spring cleaning!

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1. Vacuum cleaner

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The vacuum cleaner is essential for effective house cleaning.
Floors, fabrics, carpets, sofas, remote corners of the house, will be clean and eliminate dust, it will also improve the air quality!
Remember to dust the furniture from highest to lowest before vacuuming, so as not to frustrate the result!

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2. Steam cleaner

When you do the big cleaning, it is always difficult to find an effective way to thoroughly clean tiles, mattresses, windows and everything that takes a back seat during routine cleaning.
The solution? The steam!
There are floor cleaners on the market that use steam to disinfect any type of surface and by changing the brush, they allow you to clean even the smallest spaces, such as the Polti vaporetto, discounted on Amazon by 31% at 75 € (click here to buy it !)

3. Diffuser of essential oils

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Once you have finished cleaning the house, leaving it scented for a long time is really difficult!
This is why an essential oil diffuser is important to ensure pure air and a great smell throughout the apartment (especially when you have pets around the house!) Fill it with essential oils, tea tree oil, for example, is a strong antibacterial disinfectant. which will not only perfume the environment but sterilize the house!

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4. Space-saving vacuum bags

When temperatures rise, everything that is hot and heavy is eliminated.
Away with the duvets, duvets, sweaters and all that, not only will we not use anymore for months, but it also takes up a lot of space!
That's why, after changing the wardrobe, you can keep everything bulky in practical space-saving bags, to which you remove the excess air, simply by sucking it with the vacuum cleaner from the special opening!

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5. Multifunction broom

It would be nice to use a single accessory to clean multiple spaces, even very different ones.
Instead you can!
With a multifunctional broom with which, by changing the brushes you can sweep, wash and even clean the windows. The long handle, in fact, allows you to reach even the highest corners without having to climb on the furniture!

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6. Fridge mats

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You can no longer postpone! It's time to clean the fridge properly!
To do this, do not use chemicals, which are harmful to health, after all, food goes in there!
Use a clean rag soaked in vinegar and when you're done, use practical silicone mats to place on the compartments, so you just need to rinse them and the fridge will stay clean longer!

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7. Bicarbonate

Also for greater respect for the environment and for your health, stock up on baking soda!
It is a great way to disinfect sanitary ware and fabrics, without resorting to chemicals.
There are tons of tips on the web on how to use it for cleaning your home!

8. Vertical ironer

Did you wash your curtains and sheets and take all your light clothes out of the boxes?
Now you have to iron them! And if the mere thought of turning on the iron makes you sad (how to blame you, after all this effort!), A vertical iron is the solution to your problems. Hang the items to be ironed and pass the iron next to them from top to bottom, you will see that in a few minutes all your laundry will be perfect!

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9. Bluetooth speaker

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True, a portable bluetooth speaker will not clean your home.
But we at Alfemminile assure you that it is much more fun to do the cleaning by taking your favorite playlist with you from one room to another. The hours of fatigue will pass much faster!
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