5 pregnancy accessories recommended by midwives

After the positive pregnancy test, you can't think of anything else: you will have a baby! Taken by joy, you have already done a slow shopping in search of accessories and dresses for your baby.

Among maternity magazines, advice from girls, relatives and friends, you are surrounded by good suggestions. But do you really need so many things? We asked midwives what mothers-to-be really need.
Ask yours for advice and have fun looking at our very useful list!

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1. Sweet almond oil

As your pregnancy progresses, your tummy grows and your skin starts to itch and be more at risk for stretch marks. In this case, sweet almond oil is perfect for soothing and making the skin supple.
Massage your belly after a shower and you will see that you will keep stretch marks away or have your future dad massage your legs.
The almond oil also has a very delicate smell that will not bother you even in times of nausea.
Naissance offers a liter for less than 12 euros.

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2. Pillow for pregnancy and breastfeeding

In the last three months of pregnancy, when the baby bump grows and the baby moves a lot, sleeping becomes more difficult. This 100% hypoallergenic cotton pillow will allow you to rest peacefully and in the right position and once the baby is born, it will be perfect for nursing him in bed or to keep him close while you sleep, because it will keep him protected.
It will also be a valuable aid to wean and calm your baby: the smell of the pillow will be your smell in pregnancy and will make him feel protected.

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3. Nursing bra

Not only the belly, but also the breasts grow during pregnancy. And in different sizes! With the secretion of milk after birth, the breasts become larger again. If you don't want to constantly buy new bras, you can invest directly in non-wired, adjustable nursing bras that offer space and support. This Gratlin model is practical and comfortable.
It is non-wired, 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The front closure facilitates breastfeeding and the adjustable straps make it versatile despite changes in size.

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4. Belly support band

Belly wraps are very practical and very pleasant to wear. On the one hand, they provide warmth and protection when the belly is growing. Plus, they provide a wonderfully comfortable grip for the bigger and heavier belly while reducing fatigue.
This model with an anatomical cut guarantees freedom of movement and the absence of seams makes contact with the skin pleasant. 92% Polyamide, and 8% elastane in elastic and breathable fabric to help deal with lower back pain.

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5. Raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea is also known as pregnancy tea. Midwives recommend it Especially to the pregnancy fine Why should prepare the body for a less painful birth. The muscles of the cervix and pelvic floor become more flexible with the help of tea. The task of this and that of you to facilitate birth and to shorten the time of labor.

Remember to consult your midwife and your gynecologist before consuming this drink!

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