The essential accessories for vegan cuisine

Vegan cuisine excludes all types of animal meat (including cured meats and fish, eggs, milk and derivatives) and prefers other foods, including cereals and legumes that have an amount of protein equal to those of an omnivorous diet.
We already know that it has several benefits and that it is not inferior to a diet that also includes the consumption of meat.
But to ensure that you can fully enjoy all the pros of the vegan diet
That's why, some utensils are needed for making delicious dishes. Let's discover the accessories needed for delicious vegan cuisine!

The extractor

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The vegan diet favors the consumption of fruit and vegetables. The juice extractor is an indispensable and very practical ally to use every day. With the Infiny Juice Moulinex, filling up on vitamins is a real pleasure. Its cold pressing technology extracts fruit and vegetable juice while preserving the flavor and especially the nutrients of the juice. No risk of oxidation and color variation of the nectar thanks to its low speed of 82 rpm. This extractor keeps only the best of fruits and vegetables! It is equipped with two jugs, one for collecting the juice, the other for the pulp.

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The blender

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Why is the blender an essential accessory for vegan cuisine? Because it is multifunctional! The proof is the Duronic BL1200 model!
This powerful model accompanies you in carrying out your daily activities. What are you preparing? A smoothie, soy milk ... But also peanut or almond butter! Thanks to its various functions and its knob that controls the power of the device, no preparation is impossible. It can mix everything (or almost). It is essential for the preparation of a delicious sesame or hazelnut puree for example. With its 1.8 liter glass bowl and 4 stainless steel blades, your preparations will be easier. A must for vegan cuisine that enhances cereals, legumes, fruit and vegetables!

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The steamer

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Although it is suitable for many types of cooking, the steamer is a formidable ally in the preparation of vegan dishes. This cooking method is much healthier. Store food and retain nutrients and vitamins. This Russell Hobbs model consists of three steamer baskets capable of cooking different foods at the same time. For example, you can make broccoli, rice and potatoes at the same time. The three baskets are flexible and allow you to cook up to 9 liters of food. The steamer is equipped with a 60-minute timer with automatic stop at the end of cooking. Eat healthy while excluding saturated fats.

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Coconut bowls and spoons set

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Ecological and design. The coconut bowl is one of the big trends of the moment and even vegan cuisine has been seduced by it. Indeed, The Bowl is a new way of presenting the dish very accurately. Original, chic and natural, we love it!
Here is a set of organic coconut bowls and spoons. These utensils are handmade and are 100% natural. Multifunctional, they are perfect for breakfast, salads and soups.

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