The best accessories for a cheerful and organized office

Whether you are a student or an office worker, spending a lot of time in front of a computer is not always pleasant.
The amount of work, problems related to posture, tiredness, etc., make your day less pleasant and light.
Personalizing your desk a little is a great way to keep yourself in a good mood.

This is why we have selected some nice ideas to organize and customize your desk in a discreet and professional (but lively!) Way to make you feel a little more at home.

Notebooks with motivational phrases

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© To write everything that goes through your head: meetings, pending tasks, recipes, whatever you want! The Group Erik brand offers thousands of different notebook models with A5 sheet format, ideal for everyday use and on the go from home to work.
The paper is of high quality (70 gsm), A5, 160 sheets, squared.
Also perfect for school or as a gift idea for friends and colleagues.

Buy on Amazon for € 3.50

Set of 3 clutch bags

© To organize office pens and pencils, make-up or a small toiletry bag, this set of 3 Camomile clutch bags in shades of black and pink is perfect for everything you need. Zip closure and small removable strap with carabiner that makes it possible to apply it on any of the 3 cases. Also useful to carry in your suitcase. In short, you will have everything you need during the day at your fingertips on your desk!

Buy on Amazon for € 22

Desk calendar 2019

© This 2019 calendar is so beautiful that you will not be able to help but look at it and consequently complete all the objectives of this year. It has space to record activities, meetings or birthdays, as well as small post-its to mark the most important dates and offers a global view of each week or month.It has a size of 17x20 cm and is already a best seller on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon for € 10.38

The weekly desk planner

© If what you need is a weekly planner to organize the whole week, day after day, we recommend this one from Edlui.
In A3 format, convenient to keep under the keyboard of the PC, with a weight of the quality paper of 80 g / m2 and
easy-to-read, eye-relaxing graphics, very useful after a day at the computer.
Organizing your week in the best possible way is a way to live the countless commitments in a more peaceful way and enjoy the weekend!

Buy on Amazon for € 9.50 <

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