Açai: all the benefits of this plant and the Açai Bowl recipe!

"Açai is a plant, more specifically a tree palm, whose berries are very rich in benefits. Similar to blueberries, they have few calories and can be used in different ways, even if the recipe that is the most popular today is that of" Açai Bowl. Let's discover together all the fantastic properties and benefits of Açai and how to consume its fruits, but first let's get to know this plant more closely.

Euterpe oleracea (scientific name of Açai) is a plant that grows in the forests of northern Brazil, even if the growing demand, by now, has led to its cultivation all over South America. It can even reach a height of 20 meters. It is, as we said, a fruit-bearing plant that produces berries with great antioxidant power.

The name Acai derives from a Portuguese word meaning "who weeps", to understand in a figurative sense that it secretes juice. Among the original populations of the Brazilian Amazon, it is considered one of the fundamental ingredients of the diet, precisely because of its high nutritional capacity.

80% of an Açai berry is actually made up of seeds very rich in fats which, by pressing, are used to produce Açai oil. It is an oil traditionally used for cooking or as a condiment, but also for cosmetics or detergents of various types. In any case, it is above all the pulp of these berries that is consumed in the Western market: let's find out immediately how and why.

Properties and benefits of Açai berries

Açai berries are considered to all intents and purposes a superfood because of their high nutritional power and the many benefits that their consumption brings to our body, as the indigenous peoples of the Amazon knew well. First of all, just like theirs. distant relatives of blueberries, Açai berries are very powerful antioxidants: they help lower blood cholesterol, protect blood vessels making their walls more elastic, improving circulation and - in the case of boys - even sexual performance!

The oil extracted from these fruits has anti-aging properties, improves skin health and is therefore often used, as anticipated, for face creams and cosmetics. The same consumption of the fruit, however, brings many benefits to our skin. , which acquires radiance and health and is a cure-all for dermatological problems!

Açai berries also help digestion thanks to their detoxifying power that makes them allies of the liver and to the high number of fibers that promote correct intestinal transit. Their anti-inflammatory power also helps to strengthen the immune system, thus preventing seasonal evils Not surprisingly, they are rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid.

Açai berries have recognized anti-tumor properties because they help fight the proliferation of cancerous cells. More generally, these fruits help to make us more energetic and to fight the psycho-physical stress of everyday life, also representing a valid help in limiting the symptoms of menopause.

According to some studies, finally, the pulp of the Açai berries has the power to speed up the metabolism, thus helping weight loss. But be careful: they certainly can't do everything themselves!

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How to consume Açai berries and how many calories do they contain?

Let's start by saying that Açai berries contain about 70 calories per 100 grams. Also in 100 grams, 5 are of fat, 4 of carbohydrates, 2 of fiber, 2 of sugar, 1 of protein and 10 mg of sodium. If you are wondering how to consume them, it is easy to say.

First of all, you can buy them from organic farming retailers and consume them as they are, perhaps with yogurt and muesli, or with dried fruit or, again, as an ingredient for homemade desserts (just like you would use blueberries)!

If you prefer, you can also use Açai berries to prepare an excellent infusion: you just need a spoonful to pour into boiling water, then turn off the heat, cover the saucepan and leave to infuse for about ten minutes.

Also in organic supermarkets you will also find for sale products that facilitate the intake of Açai, such as juices or supplements based on its extract. The high concentration supplements (which you generally find in capsules) are a real panacea to promote metabolism and give you a charge of energy capable of lasting all day!

The Açai berry powder (strictly organic) can then be easily dissolved in other drinks, for example in a nice smoothie for breakfast, to take a real concentrate of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as soon as you wake up. Try it, for example, together with this tasty yogurt, banana and raspberry smoothie:

The Açai Bowl recipe

But the most popular recipe of the moment, definitely trendy, is that of Açai Bowl! What is it about? A cup with frozen and blended Açai berries inside, then garnished with the addition of exotic fruit, dried fruit and cereals. It is a dish with an exquisite flavor, similar to that of a sorbet, but also super nutritious!

Here is the recipe (very simple) to prepare your Açai Bowl at home and treat yourself to a delicate and healthy dessert: put frozen Açai berries in the blender (in organic supermarkets you can already find them like this, if you don't want to freeze them yourself of fresh) and add to your liking pieces of strawberry or banana, with a small glass of vegetable milk (soy, rice or coconut) to make your mixture creamier.

After you have this velvety cream, garnish it as you see fit: you can use granola, honey, nuts, cereals, chopped fruit ... It is a really healthy and nutritious snack, just like the Vegan Bowl that you will find in the album below:

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