5 habits that can destroy a relationship

Living alone is already complex, let alone how much it can be to share your space with "another person. At first" one tends to exist on tiptoe and then, little by little, everyone demands attention. If you are concerned that your relationship may be at a standstill, here are the causes of your discontent and ... one thing you could do to chase away the melancholy!

  1. · 1. Not keeping your word
  2. · 2. Relations between two, three, four ...
  3. · 3. Poking around
  4. · 4. Lying about where you are
  5. · 5. Avoid the past

1. Don't keep your word

If you wrote him that you will do the shopping tonight, unless there are force majeure, the shopping this week will have to be your job. Next time, maybe he'll take care of it and you will have to clean the bathroom, which your partner did this week.
Presenting yourself as a reliable person, and continuing to be one, is one of the engines of relationships.

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2. Relationships by two, by three, by four ...

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After a conflict, do you speak on the phone with everyone except the person concerned?
By doing so you risk idealizing him on the contrary, by dint of complaining about your defects and convincing yourself that your other half has no merits of any kind. You've already come a long way together, don't give up right now!

3. Poke around

Looking at his phone while he's in the shower won't do you or him any good, just like analyzing his PC history or scrutinizing his inbox.
If in doubt, speak up. Hiding and acting in the shadows is certainly not one of the best ways to make your relationship work: don't let yourself be defeated by these 4 sworn enemies.

4. Lie about where you are

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It is one thing to say "I'm coming" when in reality you are still at home in your pajamas, especially since we all know that "I'm coming" is a lie as old as the world, one thing is to pretend in the office and instead you went out for an aperitif with your girlfriends...
Treat others as you would like them to treat you!

5. Avoid the past

The past is past but it is still part of us. Don't be afraid to open up to the person next to you, hiding secrets never leads anywhere. Trust him and don't push everything you think isn't working under the rug. Sure, it will be tiring, but loving is for the brave!

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