The ideal wedding dress according to your zodiac sign!

Nothing can make a girl dream like a wedding dress ... even if you're not getting married at all! Because there is little to do, imagining wearing one makes us feel a bit like princesses. Then find out with us what your ideal wedding dress would be based on the zodiac sign ... and who knows if the big day doesn't really come!

First, however, find out with our video which are the adjectives that best describe your zodiac sign:

Aries: red wedding dress!

A bride of Aries always recognizes herself. Hers will be a transgressive dress, outside the box, which shows all her impulsive and enterprising spirit and all her passion. A red wedding dress is the one for her: a volcanic bride that will light up the party like a fire!

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© Alessandro Angelozzi Red wedding dresses: love, passion and romance!

Taurus: traditional wedding dress!

A Taurus bride will never give up on a beautiful traditional dress, with a long skirt, bodice and maybe some lace, but don't overdo it. Sober and elegant, the ideal wedding dress for a Taurus is the one that will make her feel simply to at ease, enhancing his feminine side.

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Gemini: color wedding dress!

A Twin must always be recognized, even on her wedding day. With her boredom is banished, make room for your imagination! The ideal wedding dress for her can never be a traditional white dress, but it will sport some striking colors, to make her feel unique and original.

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© Getty Special wedding dresses

Cancer: lace wedding dress!

Cancer girls are the most feminine of the zodiac. The perfect wedding dress for their sign will have to enhance this feature: romantic laces cannot be missing, with their dreamy I do not see and that slightly retro charm that Cancerines show off in all their beauty.

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© Yolan Cris Lace wedding dresses: retro elegance

Leone: princess wedding dress!

A Lioness, on her wedding day, must feel like a real princess. Her ideal dress will have to give her the appearance of a regent, surrounded by a host of subjects in raptures for her. On the other hand, she loves feeling the number one in everyday life, let alone on such a special occasion!

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© Jesús Peiró Princess wedding dresses: models to dream!

Virgo: simple wedding dress!

For a Virgo there is nothing worse than one of those wedding dresses in the "bonbonnière" style, full of frills, lace and lace. Her ideal dress must be simple, linear, not at all excessive and - possibly - pure. comfortable and functional! Because beauty for her lies in simplicity.

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© Max Mara Simple wedding dresses: no frills, please!

Libra: sophisticated wedding dress!

Warning: a Libra could take forever to find her ideal wedding dress! She is not one who is easily satisfied, and - above all - the "perfect wedding dress for her" must be particular and refined, to highlight all her uniqueness and exemplary refinement.

© Pallas Couture

Scorpio: mermaid wedding dress!

La Scorpioncina absolutely cannot give up feeling beautiful and sexy on her wedding day! The perfect wedding dress for her will be the one capable of underlining and highlighting the splendor of her shapes, making the most of her feminine sensuality. A mermaid dress would be perfect!

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© St. Patrick Mermaid Wedding Dresses: sexy romance

Sagittarius: short wedding dress!

A Sagittarius on her wedding day wants first of all to have fun and enjoy every moment with carefree and lots of fun! The ideal wedding dress for her is the short one: fashionable, simple, but above all comfortable, to be able to dance with the new hubby until late at night!

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© Pronovias Short wedding dresses - Pronovias short wedding dress

Capricorn: minimalist wedding dress!

The elegance of a Capricorn girl is made of sobriety, essentiality and refinement. The ideal wedding dress for her is the minimalist one, with simple shapes and pure geometries. Any kind of frills or excess is forbidden: his dress must have nothing more than necessary, because the class in this sign is innate.

© Max Mara

Aquarius: eco-friendly wedding dress!

An Aquarius girl is always unselfish and attentive to the problems of the world, plus she loves direct contact with nature. The ideal wedding dress for her will be eco-friendly, in fabrics that respect the environment and will ensure her outfit the utmost originality, for a conscious and example wedding.

© Leila Hafzi

Pisces: pink wedding dress!

The ideal wedding dress for a Pisces girl must be able to make her daydream. Romantic and feminine, the Little Fish will choose a pink wedding dress, perhaps in the powder variant, to feel glamorous and at the same time the protagonist of a real fairy tale.

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