7 simple tricks to survive menstrual pain

Menstruation and PMS are certainly not the best time of the month for us women. Yet menstruation arrives on time and all the consequences, which, let's face it, men just can't understand. How then to minimize the physical and mental discomfort associated with this phase of our month? We could start with nutrition, and here are some foods to combat PMS:

1. Use an electric heat pad to relieve menstrual pain

The electric thermal pads, once heated in current, can be practically taken anywhere. In the office they can be very comfortable. By releasing heat, they stimulate blood circulation and relieve the pain of premenstrual cramps. However, if you want to stick to the simple hot water bottle, the result is the same. With a microwave in a few moments the water will be ready and so will the hot water bottle, and you will be immediately relieved.

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2. Practice physical activity against cramps and period mood

A bit of healthy jogging, a walk in the sun, a yoga-pilates session, a nice swim, in short, a bit of exercise and sport during the cycle to counteract the dreaded pains. Moving during your period, although it may seem almost unnatural, is good for your metabolism and more! The release of endorphins fights moodiness, stress and fatigue, acting on our mental as well as physical state. In short, let's get to work!

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3. Increase your iron intake by eating healthy foods when you are menstruating

During the period of the menstrual cycle, the iron levels in the blood may drop, hence the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion typical of the cycle. Against this duty linked to menstruation, the ideal is not to eat a lot of meat, which you may want, but to prefer healthy foods that, in addition to acting as iron recharges, also promote diuresis, purifying the metabolism. Let's talk about foods such as spinach or even kale. Here are a few:

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© iStock Foods rich in iron: spinach

4. Go to sleep an hour earlier to give your body more rest

During the menstrual cycle, our body is subject to extra fatigue, and it is more than plausible to feel more tired and often even sleepy. Unfortunately, not all of us can choose what time to wake up in the morning. Anyone who lives an office life or still goes to school, for example, is linked to precise and inalienable hours. Our advice? Go to bed an hour earlier, with a good chamomile tea, avoiding tear-tearing films ...

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5. Indulge in some dark chocolate in times of need

The desire for sweet during the cycle is linked to hormonal changes. It is not a simple whim but a real need that we perceive. What to do if you are on a strict diet? We advise you to throw down a square of dark chocolate! A real panacea for mood and also for health as dark chocolate contains magnesium, potassium and iron: a real energy boost!

6. Make love during your period to relax

Practicing autoeroticism during your period, then masturbating, or even having sexual intercourse, is beneficial. This is because achieving orgasm during your menstrual cycle increases blood flow and releases oxytocin, a hormone that helps you relax and not just physically!

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7. Choose hot drinks with ginger to rejuvenate yourself

The benefits of ginger are now well known, as are the benefits of lemon and ginger together in a hot herbal tea. Among the various positive effects of ginger there is the anti-inflammatory one, the relief in case of nausea, the benefits given by the vitamin bomb which is the ginger root and also the anti-bacterial properties. In short, a real cure-all against the exhaustion and pains of the menstrual cycle. And against tiredness and weakness, some food that cheers us up, here they are:

To find out more about menstrual pain and the remedies to combat it, you can consult the website of the Veronesi Foundation.

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