6 incredible mugs to take to the office

Having your own cup at work is not only convenient, it is also the greenest choice for those who do not want to use disposable cups. We have chosen six fun mug models that are perfect for the office and to make your working days much more interesting.

Fun, classic or personalized ... Discover the mug that suits you best!

A "best boss in the world" cup

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The Office fans have obviously already recognized this mug. This is the model that Michael Scott, the boss, proudly displays in his fictional office. With a capacity of 440ml, this mug is decorated on both sides, so it is also suitable for left-handed people. Simple and fun gift for your boss or a friend who just got promoted!

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The 100% safe travel cup for your computer

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This sealed-lock mug is the salvation for the clumsier girls who have already experienced more than one disaster including liquids and electronics! Made of steel with double walls, this cup isolates the drink from outside temperatures and at the same time avoids burning your hands. It has the capacity of 500ml. Confirmed by reviews: it is 100% disaster proof.

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Mug for creatives

This customizable mug is perfect for girls who work with creativity. This model is made with a film that allows you to draw and the package already includes a chalk pen. Great choice if you want to give a gift with a special message or write small business memos.

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Magic mug "battery charger"

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If life doesn't start for you before a coffee, this thermal effect mug is for you. With a capacity of 300ml and battery design on the outside, the cup changes the color of the battery design (from discharged to 100% charged) when in contact with hot drinks. If you are looking for a way to communicate without having to use words, we have found your perfect messenger!

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For all Girl Bosses

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This is the perfect gift for that friend of yours who has just become a girl boss (metaphorically speaking or for real). This simple porcelain mug sends tons of messages, speaking little and is a great keepsake for when we have tough days in the office or at home. It is suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher and its color is beautiful!

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For designers

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For graphic designers, illustrators or any other creative woman: the world is full of colors, but there is always a specific color that defines you as a person! No matter if you are more into red or blue, this mug from the Pantone brand offers you several colors to choose from. This one we recommend has a capacity of 375ml and a purple color, trend of the season, but on Amazon you will find 18 other beautiful colors!

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