6 Christmas recipe books on offer on Amazon

When Christmas approaches, we are always overwhelmed by a beautiful chaos: Christmas shopping, tree decoration, choice of lunch menu, shopping, table preparation, a walk to the Christmas markets because we deserve it!

Even if every year we start the preparations early and think a thousand times over everything we have to do, we always miss some details ... or more than one! Did you forget to plan your Christmas meals and would like to offer something different? With this list of Christmas cookbooks that we have prepared for you, we guarantee that you will be able to impress your guests this time too!

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Recipe book Finally Christmas: for those who appreciate a kitchen full of affection

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Once a year we feel the need for the affection that our mother and grandmother's cooking brings us. Christmas is the ideal time to have this break from adult life and to be able to enjoy our dear moments of joy together with those we love .. . The book Finally Christmas by Sabrine D "Aubergine is the story of a small kitchen: you will discover traditional recipes together with sweet affective stories that will make your Christmas experience even more full of love.

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Recipe book Christmas is Served: for female travelers

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Yes, panettone is truly a wonderful thing to eat at Christmas, but have you ever wondered what is eaten in these special days around the world? You will find the answers in this delightful traveling story by Marina Emanuelli! Each page traces the history of Christmas symbols, beliefs and rituals together with simple and tasty traditional recipes from the various countries. An excellent opportunity for those who want to get to know new cultures or for those who want to make a good impression with some foreign family members! Without making too many spoilers, here are some countries included in the book: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Ethiopia, Philippines, France.

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Christmas recipe book with Gluti: for those who want to venture into gluten free cuisine

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If you are interested in learning gluten free cooking, or you need to adapt some recipes to a celiac relative, this book is the perfect guide: you can learn all the secrets to create healthy and tasty dishes even at Christmas! So Gluti teaches you how to prepare cheerful biscuits to give as gifts, savory recipes for Christmas lunch and sweets for the Befana stocking Enjoy a light Christmas without gluten, eggs, milk and derivatives!

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Recipe book The Dishes Of The Holidays: for versatile women

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If for you the joy of a table full of dear friends and family is not just a Christmas tradition, this book by Simona Recanatini is perfect for you! The book I Piatti delle Feste offers an authentic journey of flavors: from north to south, discover typical recipes of each region for any holiday together with small curiosities and local traditions. Happy Holidays!

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Book 100 Vegan Recipes for Christmas and New Year: for those who want to try vegan cuisine

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Our planet needs us to adopt greener gastronomic habits. This is indisputable, but we recognize that getting everyone to skip the Christmas boiled meat is practically a mission impossible. However, there are no reasons not to offer your guests something different ... With Diana Fringilla's book of 100 Vegan Recipes, you can learn several delicious 100% vegan dishes even if you are not very experienced: each recipe is explained in detail, so everyone can easily create their December vegan menu and amaze your whole family!

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Desserts and sweets recipe book Scent of Christmas: for pastry lovers

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For many people the real protagonist will always be the dessert! With the book Scent of Christmas by Valentina Giustini you will be able to learn all the traditional Christmas pastry recipes together with new and original recipes of sweets to enjoy together with your loved ones, as well as being an excellent DIY idea to complement Christmas gifts. !

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