Do you also suffer from bouts of change? Here are 5 tricks to give a new look to the house

If, like every woman, you also suffer from "bouts of change", you will know very well that, after hairdressing and shopping, the only thing that can reassure us is to make some changes at home. We know, it is difficult to endure attacks of change, but we know also that, with imagination and good will, some small shifts or changes are able to transform a boring and ancient environment into a cool and original one, which perfectly reflects your style and your constant ... versatility

. Let's see together 5 tricks to give a new look to your home and mitigate your attack of change.

Tidy up some mysterious places you forgot about

During our days we have a thousand things to do and we often leave some mysterious places in our home in oblivion, even though we are aware that they should be put in place and refreshed. The wardrobe, for example. During an attack of change, fixing the wardrobe can be a great remedy. Finding those clothes we forgot about at the bottom and, above all, fixing what the chair has had to endure for days, will surely give a new look to our bedroom. . And if we want to move to the kitchen or living room, there is the pantry waiting for us with open doors. To fix it, we suggest you follow these tips:

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Make a single original object the protagonist of the room

It is not necessary to run into a shop and burglarize it, only to find yourself at home with an infinite number of pieces to assemble, the lack of tools and an empty wallet. But then it is very not recommended during an attack of change to go to a shop with a thousand objects of furniture, we risk finding ourselves at home with a robot that speaks 7 languages ​​and is a gardener, when we do not have a garden. A single gift, a targeted purchase, something that stimulates a feeling in us and renews our memory, like a Transloetje lamp by Fatboy. Its simple and minimal shape recalls those of the past, like the lamp that the grandmother had on the bedside table and with which she read us the stories. Nostalgia perfectly mixed with modernity, in the shades of colors and transparency, which highlights the external and internal structures. Perfect for any environment, from the living room, to the bedroom, to the outdoors. Look at how many beautiful colors here:

© Fatboy Transloetje fuchsia

Move the furniture, you will feel like you have changed everything

As the wisest say, in some moments of life we ​​just need to change perspective. And already this change will imply a new point of view. We recommend that you practice just that when you are having an attack of change. Take your habits and change them: has the sofa always been central? Move it. Have you always placed a cooker on the right and one on the left? Put them both on one side. Reverse position of objects, take an ornament from the bedroom and bring it to the living room, open yourself to change. If we can't take new things, we create change with what we have. And if you are super charged, call your friends to help you out

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Change color and you will change the environments

Sometimes it takes very little to give a new tone to things, and a huge effect on the rendering of an environment is given by the colors we have chosen. A minimal variation of shades, each of which reflects the light in its own way, can give life to completely different environments. Imagine, for example, a kitchen with gray curtains. Imagine, instead, that those curtains turn red with a checkered pattern. Don't you think of two completely different environments? Exactly like this: to remedy an attack of change, let's change shades and combinations! Take a look at what happens if we add a touch of color on a gray sofa ...

© istock. Gray sofa

Buy some flowers, they give light and color

Colors, shapes, scents: all of the flowers contribute to making an environment special and unique. Each flower, then, has its own meaning, so choosing one means expressing something of yourself. If we are in the throes of a desire for change, taking a beautiful bouquet of flowers, choosing a vase with its shape and color, and putting it on a coffee table in the living room, will help us a lot. Because the flowers will become the protagonists of the room and will make us forget all the whims that had assailed us up to that moment

. See what different effects different flowers can have: