5 sexual positions to fight anxiety and stress

As many know by now, making love is not just a moment of personal enjoyment, or meeting with your partner. The benefits of sex are varied and among these, which you can see in the video, there is also the reduction of stress. and anxiety. But what are the most suitable positions to calm the spirit, as well as the body?

  1. · 1. The spoon
  2. · 2. The position of the frog
  3. · 3. The meeting
  4. · 4. L "entangled
  5. · 5. The joint

1. The spoon

Among the positions from behind to try, this is one of the most tender and enveloping, in which the male partner, holding the partner in a fetal position, guarantees, in addition to enjoyment, a tender feeling of protection. The bodies overlap, between one pant and the other, the heart calms down ... and it is immediately orgasm.

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2. The position of the frog

Here, too, we abandon ourselves to another, in a tender grip, in which he can take care of her, who in a frog position is squatting on his penis from behind. Access to the clitoris is simplified in this position, and also that in the back, one of the erogenous zones par excellence. The cuddles are wasted, so that the hottest sex can merge with the enveloping embrace of him, and the frog transforms into a beautiful and satisfied princess.

3. The meeting

What can take you away from anxiety, stress and everyday thoughts more than getting lost eye to eye? The positions that guarantee eye contact during intercourse are always an "opportunity for human contact before physical contact. In this case, in addition to the" meeting of the soul, there is that of his lips with her nipples, but there is no lack of Opportunities. In fact, you can indulge yourself with hands free, even to masturbate your man, masturbate or further stimulate his erogenous zones using prostate palpation.

4. L "entangled

Not just eye to eye, but also close in a body to body that leaves little room for imagination. The contact with the other body calms the heartbeat. A warm hug, a loving look, and maybe a little tantric sex to rediscover , as well as a couple's rhythm, an inner rhythm. A perfect position, to be practiced perhaps in the morning, before the day begins: free anti-stress.

5. The joint

Kneel in front of each other, wedged to cuddle, fall in love, make love. Not only is the contact complete, also the fusion of the bodies, the rhythm, everything must integrate perfectly for this position to work. It is forbidden not to let go, but to do so you must get rid of everything else, and let yourself be carried away in this interlocking of legs and hands, which in this particular position are free to guarantee anal stimulation for both partners. pepper never hurts

Pure relaxation? Take care of your G-spot, here's how:

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