5 positions he dominates (and can drive us crazy with pleasure!)

Even if you are a woman who likes to dominate between the sheets, or even with a calm and sensitive soul, indulging in the pampering of the man is not necessarily a sign of weakness, submission or something related to BDSM practices! Simply, in bed the balances are labile, making love we like to dominate, to be dominated, to change every day, to be free to act and to let things happen ... and this is the beauty: in sex, you can be anyone and anything can happen! And this is not the only benefit of sex ... look:

But what are the perfect positions to give your him the feeling of "domination"? Here they are:

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1. Straight to the wall

If he wants to dominate you, possess you, make you feel that he wants your skin, then he will not resist the urge to lift you up and push you to the wall. Making love standing is often not an easy thing, but in this position, even if you have the face turned to the wall, he will be able to masturbate you, or at least stimulate your clitoris while you make love from behind. And aim to kiss some erogenous zones, such as the neck or back, to make you crazy with pleasure ...

2. The sphinx

In this position you are completely helpless, he manages the game with a pretty good view! Leaning on his arms while you are stretched out, like a splendid sphinx, he dictates the rhythms and times of passion. On the other hand, you can choose whether to open or close the legs ... in the second case you will also stimulate the scrotum, one of the most important male erogenous zones ...

3. The doggie

As is known, the doggie position is one of the hottest and most recurring positions in male fantasies. In this position, however, the woman has a good margin of movement, to manage time and duration and thrust, and also this posture allows the man to indulge in a fantastic cunnilingus ... and we never mind reaching orgasm like this!

4. The dish at the table

How beautiful is it when he lifts us off the ground, and to make love and have us there, immediately, he rests us on the table and drives us crazy with pleasure? Making love in the kitchen is a change of area and perspectives, which can sometimes serve the couple, especially if we are talking about a stable couple who may have been together for some time and have given in to habits a little too much. it can only make you enjoy with penetration but also with healthy and healthy oral sex!

5. The rocking chair

Halfway between our sphere of independent adult women and our mischievous inner child, indulging in your partner in this rocking game can be really exciting. This time we do not seem to see him in a dominant position but, once we are seated, he can manage us and throw our backs back, and then lead the game. As long as we do not have contact with the floor, we will be in his splendid hands, and employees too. from his language games ... why not try?

Even when the man dominates, the aim is for both of them to feel pleasure, and indeed, the man always has to worry about and worry about his woman reaching orgasm ... here's how:

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