5 weird and alternative ways to burn calories (even standing still and sitting!)

We usually think that burning calories is synonymous with a lot of sweat in the gym, hours of physical effort and countless sacrifices. Well, that's right. Yet there are other ways in which we consume calories, and these include the couch and the (partial) sedentary lifestyle. Let's find out. In the meantime, here's how to burn calories while shopping


1. Chew gum

It goes without saying that it is never wise to overdo it, so it would not be at all beneficial to chew gum continuously for a "whole day without stopping, alternating it with pasta dishes and chocolate sandwiches. But apparently chewing gum for about twenty minutes. after meals it would help the metabolism to consume more calories.

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2. Have sex and go for it

Although it has been shown that having sex has a lower consumption than a treadmill walk, doing it is still a "physical activity. The benefits of sex are many and among these surely sex is a" physical activity. Obviously, you can never replace an "hour in the tool room with the more imaginative position of the doggie, but you will be pleased to know that while doing one of your favorite activities, you are also burning calories.

3. Watch scary movies

Well yes, you know that "anxiety that rises and assails you while you watch a horror movie comfortably dozing on your sofa? That adrenaline would be an engine that makes your heart beat faster and that, according to an English study, would burn calories: decrease of" appetite and metabolic activation would lead to higher calorie consumption. Here's a good reason to watch a horror.

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4. Laugh a lot and with gusto

Laughing is good for the mood, and the benefits of a healthy laugh are now well known to most, but could you imagine that laughing heartily was also a great way to burn calories? So not only a healthy laugh in company, but also those done comfortably on the couch watching a comic movie, they accelerate metabolic consumption by 10-20% more.

5. fidgeting and moving nervously

You know that kind of adrenaline that rises when we are nervous and those movements resulting from our agitation? This emotional state, which is not related to any specific physical activity, stresses your day but also burns calories. Tapping your fingers on the table, moving your legs or swinging would burn 5 or 6 more calories than normal. And restlessness either.

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Between the sofa and the armchair, a horror and a comic film, we recommend some snacks suitable for burning calories:

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