5 experiences to do as a couple to awaken passion and feelings!

That habit can extinguish passion and feelings is nothing new: everyday life leads us to "silence" some needs, such as the need for intimacy and moments exclusively as a couple, depending on the commitments. Of course, this action can compromise the couple's serenity and deteriorate it. So how to act? By choosing one of these experiences, you can revive feelings to share with your partner, such as having a relaxing experience together in a hotel during the day. first we understand what kind of relationship you have and if it suits your needs.

If the intimacy of the couple has entered the circle of habit, we recommend this video from which you can take inspiration to rekindle the passion and feelings!

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1) Take a special moment before falling asleep

If you don't have the time to go for a walk, for a movie at the cinema or for a romantic dinner, it doesn't mean that you don't have time to dedicate to the couple. It also takes 10 minutes as soon as you get into bed. But how can feelings and passions be revived with pajamas and gathered hair? Simple: sit facing each other, look into each other's eyes and caress each other's face and head, first one and then the other. The caress revives the skin, the thrill of touch ignites the contact and look straight into the eyes. remember why we chose that person.

2) Organize a special dinner in a different place

And if you want to spend a different moment in the true sense of the word, you can organize a slightly different dinner. You can reserve a room in a hotel only from aperitif time to midnight, such as those offered by DayBreakHotels (the booking portal of rooms and services during the day in luxury hotels), and order dinner there. This will allow you to avoid the confusion of any restaurant, to live a unique, out of the ordinary experience, and to order some aphrodisiac dishes .. just to take advantage of the room

! Here is our proposal:

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3) Give yourself a different moment than usual

You can opt for a trip out of town, a walk in the mountains or by the sea, but you could also take the bikes and go for a ride nearby, or visit a place in your city that you have never seen. The point is: do something different, breathe new air, fuel the desire for discovery. All this will rekindle your imagination and also the desire to be together, to take you and transport you beyond the ordinary.

4) Treat yourself to a Spa breathing pure relaxation

If you want to rekindle sensuality and dedicate yourself a moment of pure well-being, you can opt for a Spa in the hotel. What's better than a nice Turkish bath, a sauna or a dip in the thermal water to get back in touch with your own body and that of your partner? If you also combine a moment of pampering in your room at the Spa, you have truly reached the utmost relaxation! Here are some inspirations


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5) Open a space for discussion made up of heartfelt words

And if we are faced with a real "routine block", that is a real difficulty in carving out spaces dedicated exclusively to the couple, an "experience to try, indeed to be imposed on you, is that of dialogue. It will seem obvious, maybe it will make you smile , but the real engine of the awakening of the senses is the word, indeed, sharing. Very often we keep small daily annoyances inside, dissatisfactions at work but also those of the couple. All this creates a wall, between you and your partner. And if not even a day in the Spa or a particular dinner can awaken your senses, perhaps you need to learn first of all to share: your thoughts, yourself, your pure intimacy. moment, and start conversing with an open heart and mind.Talk will ignite a bigger fire than you may think!

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