5 mistakes to avoid when eating pizza

Pizza: one of the seven wonders of the world. And if the pizza margherita is one of the Neapolitan specialties, each place has developed characteristic pizzas with different products. But if you are a pizza you depend on, are you sure you know how to eat it and respect the etiquette that accompanies it? Before you find out if you make these 5 mistakes, find out what pizza you are, each zodiac sign has its pizza:

1. Allow the pizza to cool

Is pizza eaten hot? No: pizza is eaten hot. Fresh from the oven (because we wish you to always eat it baked in the oven), with mozzarella, if any, which is still boiling. Just like coffee, which is served in a hot cup to preserve the aroma, pizza that is hot a different story.

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2. Use cutlery

According to the law of pizza, pizza is eaten with your hands. And no one will be able to say that that first bite of the first slice, starting from the warm and soft center, where all the taste has been preserved, is not a delight for the heart and for the palate. That first bite, in which by wrapping the pizza with your hands, the spore is gathered, torn with your teeth, is the meaning of the whole pizza. If you cut it into slices, like a portion of meat, the meaning of the pizza ends.

3. Don't experiment

If we offer the hat to Queen Margaret, this does not mean that we cannot bow to other princesses. The beauty of pizza is that you can experiment, and today between gourmet cuisine and variations, there is something for everyone. So tasting will not be a betrayal, indeed, preventing yourself from doing so will be a limit, if you don't end up in the next one. error: point 4.

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4. Experimenting too much

Pineapple on pizza is banned. There are things that, as Italians, we cannot accept. Among these there is her: pizza with pineapple. She is not the only one, we often make absurd requests at the table, mixing unspeakable elements that they can't go right on pizza .. Experimenting yes, rape eyes, palate and stomach ... no!

5. Leave the cornice

Among the most common mistakes, outrage number 5: leaving the edge of the pizza. Whether you eat it or not it defines your personality and a true pizza eater knows how to weigh times and moments, so that every part is swallowed. That final piece of every slice, cleans the palate, because only in this way can the new bite n.1 of the next piece be truly immaculate. Not only that, the edge also serves to clean the plate of mozzarella and sauce residues, strictly not to be left. Never go wrong again. !

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And since we're on the subject of mistakes in the world of food, look at how many disappointments we can face here!

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