5 common mistakes you should never make with the hair straightener

Wavy hair? Straight but frizzy hair? Uncontainable curls? Each of us has a hair type, sure, but everyone knows that when she wants to achieve a perfect straight, or softer waves, the answer lies in her own hair straightener. The use of the straightener is not complicated, so now everyone does it by himself, but there are some common mistakes that it would be much better not to commit to guarantee good health together with a good hold of the hair. Here are 5 mistakes you should never make and a video on how to use the straightener in a different way


1. Use the straightener with damp hair

A good friend of the plate? A smooth, neat fold. Drying the hair without brushing it, perhaps upside down, would considerably complicate the work of the straightener, which we could compare to trying to iron a dress that we have left to dry completely balled up.
So, not only the guarantee of an acceptable starting style but also the certainty that the hair is not damp. The damp hair, or worse wet, in contact with the hot surface of the straightener, not only does not have a good yield, but it weakens, breaks and is frizzy and not well cared for. Therefore, pay attention to the drying phase.

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2. Use the straightener without good hair protection

To avoid as much as possible the use of the straightener without a hair protection. What are we talking about? About a filter or a serum before using the straightener. There are real thermal protectors on the market that allow lasting styling without damaging your hair. They are not difficult products, neither to find nor to use and which ensure, especially in the long term, a healthy hair.

3. Use the plate with a temperature over 200 °

As soon as we see the temperature number at 200-230, the temptation to shoot our plate to the maximum is irrepressible. Ok girls, but be careful: it's like cooking a delicate cake in the oven at 300 degrees ... the result is burning. Why overdo it? Each has its own temperatures: the best temperature ranges from 140 degrees for those with fine and treated hair, up to 230 degrees for those with naturally curly and thick hair.

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4. Pass the straightener several times on a single section

Taken in a hurry, we take a huge lock of hair and pass the straightener on the poor innocent a dozen times. Big mistake. The same time it takes to pass the straightener several times on the same thick strand, you can invest it in taking a more discreet strand, and pass the straightener a maximum of two times. Better yield, less damage.

5. Never clean the plate

Although we use it more often on clean hair, even the straightener gets dirty! So how to disinfect it? When it is off and completely cold, gently scrub the plates with hot water and white vinegar or alcohol. Then use a cotton swab to clean the corners as well, and then wipe gently with a cloth. Cleaning the straightener is like cleaning your own hairbrush: necessary and hygienic!

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