5 appliances for less than 50 euros that will save you time in the kitchen

For us, the kitchen is one of the most cheerful parts of the house! We love cooking for those we love and experimenting with creative recipes, both for true technique and for the ability to improvise with few ingredients because the supermarket was already closed.

It is said that "food brings people together", but it can also divide them when someone doesn't like cooking. It is not a problem, everyone is free to have their own tastes: and in fact we have thought of them too! If you don't like cooking so much, or you don't feel inspired (or you know someone like that), it is worth taking a look at the list of 5 appliances for less than 50 euros that we have created.

Russell Hobbs steamer

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We all have those days when we don't want to think, let alone decide what to cook for dinner! There is a solution: a simple dish with fragrant vegetables and a nice steak of cod with lemon and spices. Difficult recipe? Not with this Russel Hobbs steamer! It is made of stainless steel and plastic and automatic shutdown. Its boiler can produce steam for 60 minutes before it needs to be refilled. The package includes 3 pans of increasing diameter, 24cm, 25cm and 26cm, which can be stacked to cook different foods at the same time. So you can take a shower or watch the soap opera while the steamer cooks for you! On Amazon, a customer even said that he will never use other tools again!

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IKich 4-in-1 blender

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This is the best seller of the best sellers! If cutting onions or mincing garlic is a nightmare for you, this blender is your salvation: it can be used as a whisk, shredder and whisk. Made of steel, it is completely removable and dishwasher safe (apart from the motor, of course) and is ideal for creating baby food, soups or simply chopping ingredients quickly. If you are not convinced that you need all the elements of the package, you can also opt for a simpler version with less tools and therefore cheaper, available on Amazon

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Jerrybox electronic kitchen scale spoon

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Many times cooking is an exact science. When we try to follow a new recipe, finding a way to dose all the ingredients according to the indicated quantities consumes time and energy. This electronic spoon has four measuring units and is capable of weighing ingredients from 1g to 500g with a margin of error of 0.1g.

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Topelek digital kitchen thermometer

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When we have little time, it is natural to dream of an oven that does all the work for us ... a meat in the oven with potatoes is a great choice of second course, but how to ensure that the meat is cooked as you want? Try cooking the meat by measuring its internal temperature: just use an electronic thermometer with a pin tip. The thermometer must be introduced inside the meat until it reaches the furthest point from its surface.

This digital cooking thermometer is a great deal: it costs just € 7.99, is 15cm long and can measure the temperature of the meat in less than 10 seconds!

Pay attention to the temperatures for each degree of cooking of the meat:
Blue: 30 ° C
Rare: 45-50 ° C
Average in blood: 56-63 ° C
Average: 64-68 ° C
Medium well done: 73-77 ° C
Well done: do not exceed 78 ° C

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Sodastream water carbonator

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Do you like sparkling water, but you don't want to always buy and load lots of bottles? This water carbonator will make your life a lot easier: it works without the use of electricity or batteries, just add a cylinder of food-grade CO2! You can also check the level of carbonation you want to add to your water. The package contains: a Jet carbonator, a special 1 liter bottle for carbonation and a CO2 cylinder with a capacity for carbonating 80 liters of water. If you think having only one bottle can be inconvenient, you can buy a 3-bottle pack on Amazon for a great price!

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