5 positive effects of infidelity on ... the couple!

Why does he betray himself? Everyone says that betrayal is the worst that can happen in a love story. An (almost) unforgivable act (there are those who manage to forgive and those who simply cannot), synonymous with lack of authenticity, capital sin ... and it is certainly one of the most serious lack of love and respect. Yet, at times it almost manages to be "useful" (if it does not become a "habit, of course!). Because, on the one hand, it reminds us that in love (as in war) there are no rules, and on the other it is capable of awakening dormant feelings and reminding us why we fell in love with our partner. The important thing is that, if it should happen , is a reason for growth and not the beginning of a lifestyle, look at:

1. Overcoming an obsession

Sometimes unresolved issues from the past, summer crushes, a sexy and persistent colleague, creep in and beyond the mind. When you have a stable relationship it becomes really difficult to manage an "obsession given by a" physical attraction (which obviously is often the result of a "mental obsession). In these cases, the more you force yourself not to cheat, the more you cheat on your partner imagining nights. on fire with the third wheel, thinking of him while handling their sex toys, until you dream of escaping with the aforementioned person.
Sometimes the solution is simple: away the tooth, there is the pain.

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2. Rediscover the partner

That simple escapade, in which one escapes from the patterns of everyday life, becomes like the scene in which the "Captain, my captain" gets on the bench to change perspective. So we put on special glasses, which give a new light to that partner we were so bored with. Sometimes you have to deviate on the path, to understand how beautiful what we have next to us is. You learn by making mistakes.

3. Rediscover your femininity

The stress of everyday life, the companion who has looked at you the same way for years, maybe the children, the tiredness and so on, and we lose ourselves in a glass of water. Just a moment and the morning instead of being splendid women, we are more like disadvantaged people. Here is the unprecedented look of those who feel a new desire for us, and that single night of fire granted to us by ourselves, could become a new mirror in which to rediscover a new femininity and a new way of feel beautiful. This could only have a good effect on one's self-esteem and consequently on the ongoing relationship. Water in the mouth though! (or excuses at hand ...).

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4. Overcoming a relationship crisis

Taking a lap off the track could put the couple back on track. We explain ourselves better. Sometimes, in a moment of deep crisis and stalemate in the relationship, betrayal may not be a reason for breaking up, but rather, a reason for growth. Everyone reacts to betrayal in a personal and non-generalizable way, and it is precisely for this reason that betrayal could be a reason for growth. Through the relationship with a third party, the problems of the relationship could emerge, be faced and overcome with a new lymph. By risking losing what we love most, we could realize the strength of our love.

5. Mark the end when it was already over!

The advantage of betrayal is that it is necessarily sincere. This is why if your relationship is at risk or in the balance there are two solutions: one is in point four, the other is that your relationship was already over and you needed an excuse to deal with this breakup. The advantage lies precisely in the choice to betray What you have not said openly, you have done concretely: and it is immediately ex!

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