Single? 5 essential things for your vacation

Traveling is certainly beautiful, summer is promising, both for holidays and for beautiful destinations, but also because every trip is an "opportunity ... will this be why many prefer to spend the summer single? Maybe yes! so what must not be missing if you are preparing for a single warrior holiday! And remember that even a kiss with a stranger can be good, look:

  1. · 1. Sunglasses to manage hangoover
  2. · 2. The emergency condom
  3. · 3. The mobile phone for conquests
  4. · 4. The hot costume
  5. · 5. Your sex toys

1. Sunglasses to manage hangoover

You will not want to get off the plane with your eyes swollen than your inflatable and you will not want to show yourself on the beach at the top of your completely undone beauty! You have to hide the dark circles from your evening hangover absolutely. How to do it? Where makeup can't , owes the sunglasses. Every face needs its sunglasses on the beach, fashionable, trendy and that also gives that "aura of mystery: you will look super cool, be careful not to dive with sunglasses though (and not to overdo it with hangover!).

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2. The emergency condom

Never leave and never have sex without a condom! This is because by now the "man no longer feels obliged to procure condoms, and he could propose to you" as mom "did it". In this case, even if you were unawares, you should give up or worse yet give up! Why make your vacation and life complicated? Better bring a condom with you.

3. The mobile phone for conquests

Maybe for a moment you thought of leaving your cell phone at home and disconnect from the world ... but don't you know that apps are essential to pick up and could provide you with important information to make your holiday safer, hotter and more fun? Of course, with smart and discreet use, the mobile phone can be a good friend. Let's not deny it, with a peek at the Instagram profile and a couple of Direct you can put a lot of dots on the i's (and also keep some beautiful friendships standing for years).

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4. The hot costume

If you are single and on the hunt, you cannot pack the grandma costume. It'll be fine too, but allow yourself to feel hotter than ever. So let yourself be whistled, wooed, offer drinks at sunset and let your self-esteem breathe. So don't forget that you MUST be daring on holiday. We tell your hottest costume and no prejudice.

5. Your sex toys

Don't forget that your vacation is your vacation. So you need to have everything you need to have fun and relax. So not only your crosswords, your music headphones, your flavored candles, but also your unforgettable sex toys! They might help you relax on your own, but who knows, you might even need to use them as a couple!

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Feel like a star on holiday, inspired by VIPs:

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