5 things that cannot be missed on Easter Monday

The Monday of the angel, better known as Easter Monday, is the day (Monday precisely) after Easter, they dedicate in Italy to the classic trip out of town, the picnic with friends. This day of rest is therefore an added day to the Easter holidays, in which the famous saying "Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want" is realized and is based on 5 inalienable pillars.
In the meantime, here's how to make your Easter as a family magical:

1. The grilled meat with friends

It does not matter if it will be cooked and / or eaten whole: Easter Monday is made in the grilled meat, and for this you have to take meat in large quantities. From sausage to wrustel, chicken, turkey, hamburgers and so on and so forth. We also like the soy burger, to satisfy everyone's food choices, as long as it is on the grill. Easter Monday is all smoke and lots of roast.

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2. Aiosa wine

From the simple glass to accompany the meat, to the whole bottle, to all the bottles: there is no Easter Monday without wine. And thanks to the benefits of wine, this drink marks Easter Monday. Since it is customary for everyone to collaborate on their own to bring something to the picnic, whether in the woods, in the mountains, by the sea, in the countryside or in a friend's house, it often happens that the quality of the wines is not the best. It doesn't matter, what matters is the number of toasts!

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3. The balloon and the like

The first friend of the heart of Easter Monday is the ball: possibly deflated, a legacy of the previous summer. This is then accompanied by other trusted friends, the Frisbee for the athletic, the cards for the less driven, the table games for the nerds. The playful idea of ​​Easter Monday is however that the warm season is about to arrive and therefore yes, it must be honored: it is better to sweat, play, have fun and free yourself, even better if in the open air.

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4. The friend who is on the grill

Inevitable. He who, for the love of the party, for the love of the grill theory, for the love of fire, spends the whole day at his place: the grill. Sweaty continues to churn out meat for everyone. With love he lit the fire and patiently formed the embers, he took care of everything, and so it will be he who will feed the mouths of the joyful group of Easter Monday Without this mythological figure, Easter Monday does not exist.

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5. Last but not least: bad weather

Few things are certain about this day, and one of them is that it will rain. If it doesn't really rain, there will be wind, there will be clouds, and the whole day will pass under the sign of anxiety that sooner or later you will have to shelter. Obviously, between one rain and another the sun could also come out, but not before that it rained a few drops. This is the supreme law of every Easter Monday. Which never prevents anyone from celebrating it!

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The real Easter Monday? With Sunday leftovers, including eggs:

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