5 simple hairstyles to keep at night to wake up with perfect hair!

The day that starts with untidy hair or, even worse, not having time to fix and style the hair before the morning starts, are difficult psychodramas to deal with before 3 cups of coffee. For this there are hairstyles that can be created before resting with the head on the pillow, which remain intact (or almost), which take a few minutes to be resumed, and which avoid hysterics as soon as you wake up! Meanwhile, look at how to guarantee strong and resistant hair with a few tips:

1. The braid

The braid is classic, elegant, cheeky, a guarantee. Braiding your hair is always a good idea: the effect is beautiful even if you have shampooed a week before and it is always a glamorous and elegant hairstyle, which almost always stays completely intact during the night. Also, sleeping with your hair braided also allows you to decide to dissolve them in the morning for a beach waves effect.

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2. The chignon

Synonymous with elegance and practicality? The chignon. Whether it's the classic one, maybe the low one with a row in the center (for a dancer), or the high one, or the one with a very refined band, it doesn't matter! This hairstyle is always practical, great for any hair type, even if you want a soft and disheveled bun, and it's perfect for a good night's sleep!

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3. The herringbone

Called "herringbone braid" or even "spike", this particular type of braid has a very jaunty, but always tidy effect. Perfect for sleeping on it, and also perfect for any outfit, chic and casual at the same time! A wake up hairstyle and go ...

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4. The ponytail

Classic of elegance, the tail, or even ponytail, if well done becomes indestructible. Very easy to shoot, especially if you have slept on it, and super sexy, always current and also elegant. It offers options for all faces and needs , lateral for those with an oval face, low for a precious outfit, better high if you want to be aggressive and determined. In short, it never disappoints and becomes the perfect trick when there is no time to give a perfect fold to the hair.

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5. Chignon with braid

Combine two great classics for a glamorous, winning, elegant, particular and resistant hairstyle: the chignon with braid. The mix includes several options, all interesting and particular. What matters is that, whether the braid starts from the side, wraps the bun softly, whether it is herringbone ... it remains intact during our beauty sleep!

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And if you need inspiration for some hairstyles ... don't hesitate to copy!

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