5 practical and elegant anti-heat hairstyles, perfect for any occasion!

Long live the summer, the heat, the sea and the holidays, but how to manage a thick and voluminous hair and at the same time always remain tidy and presentable without the slightest effort? to do, so as to fight the heat without ever being in disorder. And if in the meantime you feel like cutting your hair but you don't have the courage, look here:

1. The ponytail

In the heat it is not recommended to keep the hair down. Sweat could alter any type of hair, and will only force you to touch your hair all the time, until it binds anyway. This is why we advise you to immediately choose a practical and always elegant ponytail.First of all, brush your hair well. Always brushing from the forehead to the nape, collect the hair and secure it with an elastic, leaving out a tuft at the bottom of the nape. We recommend that you choose an elastic that resembles the color of your hair. With the small tuft left out, wrap the tail near the elastic so as to completely cover it, stop the hair with a hairpin, trying to hide it in your hair. Et voilà, elegance does not go on vacation.

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2. High chignon

Starting from a very high ponytail, it is possible to create another practical hairstyle, which is always elegant yet simple: the high chignon. This hairstyle, once you have created a good high ponytail, takes no more than 5 minutes. To make it better the effect, we advise you to lightly tease the tail, with hairspray and a brush, so as to make the chignon more trendy and full. By wrapping the ponytail around itself and around the elastic, you just need to lock your hair with large bobby pins. To enrich this hairstyle you can also add decorated bands or bobby pins. Get inspired:

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3. High bun with braid

Tired of the classic high bun? Well: we offer you a practical variant, perfect for everyone, even for the enemies of hairstyles: the high bun with braid. Always starting from the ponytail, it will be enough to allocate a "wide lower strand of the tail to make a simple braid. Once you have done the chignon with the remaining hair, you just have to wrap the braid around the chignon and secure it with hairpins and hairspray. elegant but always different

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4. The high (or French) braid

Elegant and practical, because it is a hairstyle with which you could even sleep, it is the trace that starts from the top or French braid. Start by combing your hair, then take a section of the hair in the middle and back. Divide this section into three strands and start intersecting them as for a normal braid. As you go down with the braid, add other sections of hair to the strands. At each intersection add more hair to the braid, as you go down you shouldn't have any loose hair left. This hairstyle, which you can also repurpose with two side braids, will not only keep you in order and protect you from the heat, it is also excellent both for a daytime meeting, for a dip in the sea or for an evening out.

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5. The braided tail

In addition to elegance, are you interested in practicality? If you don't want to practice French or herringbone braids, here is a simpler and faster idea. Once you have made the high ponytail, as per point 1, just braid your hair as for a normal braid, and fix it with an elastic and hairspray. Instead of a simple ponytail, you will have your hair neatly gathered (guaranteed anti-heat), with a warrior princess effect: woe to those who meet you on their way!

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