5 accessories for less than 15 euros that immediately enhance any look

When we are on the run, the last thing we want to think about is how to create an original look and most of the time we end up choosing the usual jeans and t-shirts. Sure, we love them and they are a safe choice, but it would also be great if we could count on different options to dress in a stylish shape without much effort.

We can help you with this! Focus on the right accessories to upgrade your style. And we guarantee it will cost less than you think: check out this list with 5 accessories for less than 15 € that instantly make ANY look more trendy.

But before proceeding with the purchases, discover in this video the colors that best enhance you!

1. Sunglasses

A pair of quality sunglasses that fit your face is a must-have if you want an elegant and trendy look without spending too much time. This accessory adds personality and an extra dose of glamor to your looks. No matter what your favorite eyewear trend is: cat-eye, vintage or oversized, we have found several models for you on Amazon.

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Check out the list with 3 great sunglasses options for sale on Amazon. These models are not only beautiful and at the center of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 trends, they are also available in different frames and shades of lenses. Many models for all types of fashionistas and ALL for less than 15 euros!

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2. Scarf

A foulard used in the right way makes all the difference in your look: use it in your hair to create a boho-chic look, or knotted on a shoulder bag to add a touch of color to your total black look. Or even then simply wear it around the neck for a stylish and elegant look.

We found some great deals on Amazon: almost all the models suggested in this list are 100% silk or a blend of silk with viscose. They are ideal for being tied to your hair without worry, because the silk is super-resistant and does not get damaged easily. We have chosen smaller scarf designs for a delicate look and some longer designs to be worn around the neck.

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3. Important jewels

A total-black look becomes a super look if combined with the right jewels: just find the "right dose"! This is the time to play freely: try mixing different shades of colors, materials and shapes to create fun looks.

Super styling tip: try using big, prominent earrings with a simple turtleneck and gathered hair for a super elegant and bold effect.

We have found a lot of beautiful earrings with modern and elegant designs. After a very difficult selection we recommend these three models that offer a middle ground between originality and quality: the earrings in metal and turtle printed materials are the top!

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4. XXL scarf

Winter is coming and having a super colored scarf is practically an obligation for those who want to follow the trends, but don't want to spend all day thinking about how to dress. For a basic look with jeans, a striped sweater and low boots, nothing better than a nice thick, warm and colorful scarf to complete the look and stay warm!

An XXL scarf can often be heavy and bulky. You can focus on viscose models: they are warm but light and easy to fold and carry in your bag.

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5. Belt

Whether it's jeans, a dress or casual pants, a belt can make even the most boring looks trendy. Do you have a simple, very comfortable black dress that you like so much? Then pair it with an elaborate belt to give it more importance.

A beautiful leather belt with richly detailed workmanship can totally change a look that previously seemed simple and without panache. Focus on models with quality metal and soft materials.

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