These 4 Christmas tree decorating trends will make parties that much more stylish

Christmas is traditionally beautiful, but the usual Christmas decorations used every year can get bored. Trends change over the years and so do our personalities and tastes, so it is natural to want to change them. Of course, replacing all the decorations at once may be a decision that is perhaps too radical, as well as expensive ... Better to keep part of the budget for Christmas shopping, right? That's why we've put together a list of the four emerging trends for you to inspire you to make a gorgeous Christmas tree decoration, but without breaking the bank!

A little tip before starting: try to buy a single decoration every year ... so your tree will always have something new and will change gradually!
Below you can find all the steps to take to make the perfect DIY balls to make the most of your Christmas tree: watch the video and take note!

Exotic trend: tropical christmas tree

This year, the Christmas decoration goes beyond the usual reindeer, Santa Claus and little angels. If you dare to try something unexpected, try creating a "tree full of budgies, pineapples and tropical flowers! Keep up with the trends!" tropical can transform the Christmas tree into a real “instagrammable” eye-catcher. We guarantee this will be something your dinner guests have never seen!

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Let your imagination fly: we found garlands with tropical leaves on Amazon for € 10.49, artificial feathers with yellow gold glitter for € 8.99 and, this chain of colored pineapple-shaped LED lights that has already become the our favorite decoration! It can't be more tropical than this.

Someone wants one Caipirinha?!

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Nordic trend: hygge style Christmas tree

After we get to know the hygge lifestyle, it's hard not to agree that Scandinavians have particularly elegant tastes. How can you not appreciate a clear, simple and tasteful decoration? Say goodbye to Christmas decorations overloaded with bows, velvet and glitter and welcome instead the charming Nordic Christmas style: elements like snow, slightly rustic hand-decorated wooden pieces, cuddly furs (strictly synthetic) ... this year we have a free ticket to travel in Scandinavian Christmas!

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To create a "typically Nordic tree, focus on white or blue lights (or both), traditional decorations made of wood, or small white objects. Always focus on simplicity and good taste" to be sure not to overdo it. trees, you can focus on the white version, or a traditional green model with fake snow decoration like this one from FairyTrees.

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Nostalgic trend: "grandmother's" Christmas tree

Regardless of our age, we always remember with a lot of affection what Grandma's Christmas tree was like ... so why not reproduce that decoration in a modern and elegant way? This year you can create the Christmas tree with the scent of nice memories!

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Here the classics win: red, silver and yellow gold balls are mixed with traditional decorations in the shape of snowflakes and wooden toys to create a very elegant traditional atmosphere.

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Fairytale trend: Christmas tree full of fantasy

This year the trend of Christmas decorations also focuses on folklore, fairy tales and the imagination of all children. Unicorns, Grinches, reindeer and nutcracker are the stars of the trend and this will be a great opportunity to tell your little ones lots of beautiful Christmas fairy tales while you decorate the tree with them. To make the decoration even more imaginative, try filling the box. your tree with bright and colorful lights and folk tale elements full of glitter and vibrant colors. We are sure you will make your little one's imagination fly!

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