4 simple tips for a flawless look in just a few steps

by Elisabetta Bertolini

I firmly believe that to dress well you need neither aim for excess nor spend a fortune on designer clothing. There are some style elements that should not be missing in a girl next door wardrobe and having a clear idea of ​​how to combine them can be the key to your success. A strong point to feel beautiful, sunny and appreciated first of all by yourself. Here are my tips for a perfect look for every occasion and for every style.

Basic is trendy!

It is important not to overdo it! It's true, fashion offers us different trends every year on the catwalk, some may belong to us more, others less. But evergreens remain our strength. My advice is to combine and mix basic items with trendy accessories. Such as, for example, turtlenecks and boyfriend jeans with a jeweled belt, or palazzo trousers and a total black blazer with a blouse in opaque sequins.

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Strengths in the foreground!

Emphasizing the strengths of our body can help us divert our attention from some small defects that for us are "bigger" in the mirror. For example, preferring the belt at the waist rather than on the side for more generous bodies or a slightly rounded jacket on the front can streamline the silhouette and make you gain height.

The heels? Not too tall!

Heels do not necessarily have to be uncomfortable, a knee-high boot with a wearable and not excessively high heel, combined with a high-waisted skinny jeans and a pullover, can be the right compromise for those who want to opt for warm clothing with a note of femininity. Yes to vertical lines and stripes for jeans and trousers but be careful, for those like me who have generous hips and the so-called pear shape, high-waisted trousers or a soft and not snug-fitting sweater on the thighs are preferable.

Don't forget the smile!

Outerwear is essential in winter, bear coats for life: they are colorful, versatile and warm, they match every look. In camel or black for the evening, pastel shades such as pink and blue for the day. Dare with orange for your strong looks. And remember, the smile, that is the most beautiful accessory. Never deny it to anyone and reciprocate because it gives you a light that a couple of diamond pendants can never give you.

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