3 tricks to stay awake even without coffee and stop drinking a lot

Do you really drink too many coffees a day and would it be a good idea to settle down? Yet it seems to you that without caffeine the mind does not start, and in short, no ... you really don't want to give up your beloved coffee! To reduce sleep disturbances or for health reasons, science suggests not consuming more caffeine than is contained in three to four cups of coffee at most. However, the effects of this substance are highly subjective. So if you want to give yourself a serious set-up and still stay awake, here are 3 tricks that help to maintain concentration, even without coffee, unless you have such an awakening, look:

1. Drink lots of water

Water is essential for the human body, needless to repeat. Dehydration is absolutely to be avoided and can cause fatigue, confusion, heart palpitations and fainting. In addition to lubricating the joints and purifying the body, the bloodstream uses water to transport nutrients such as oxygen and carbohydrates in various parts of the body, including the brain. It would seem that even with levels of mild dehydration, with a loss of 1-2% of water in the body, fatigue and confusion are generated. In short: drink a lot stimulates concentration and promotes good oxygenation of the brain!

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2. Give yourself a moment of motion

It seems trivial but physical activity, in the moment of loss of attention, can be really beneficial. In addition to the benefits of regular physical activity, such as yoga, for example, giving yourself a quick jog, even up and down the office stairs, is a good way to stay active. Getting up and moving results in endorphins, those of the chocolate. These wellness neurotransmitters help relieve stress and fatigue and increase feelings of euphoria. If you then combine your favorite tracks to listen to your short break from physical activity it will be even better: endorphin will be added to dopamine, a chemical substance involved in pleasure and feeling satisfied. Go with the dance break in the bathroom!

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3. Chew a gum

Keeping the mouth busy also seems to keep the mind active. Chewing gum could be an "alternative to try to reduce sleepiness and lack of concentration. What actually activates chewing? Brain processes that would help to focus on the objectives to be achieved, reduce anxiety and increase reading comprehension. Obviously any excess never leads to well-being, so it's always better to be moderate, even when chewing gum and making balloons!

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But if in the end you give in to a good restorative nap, at least do it in an unforgettable place, look:

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