3 do-it-yourself tricks to keep your earphones from getting tied up

An object that should never be lent or thrown away? The earphones. Are you in a hurry and let your earphones end up in your pocket, bag, backpack, without any criteria? The situation you will find yourself in will be to waste more time unraveling them than using them. So how do you go about it? The possibility is either to buy one of the many earphone savers on the market, or to work towards a practical and fun do-it-yourself solution. D "on the other hand we all know that the tangle of earphones you have in your bag is not the worst thing you have there, look:

1. The double clothespin

The first practical solution is simple to make and also to customize. Just glue two clothes pegs together. Once the backs of the two clothespins have been glued together, aligning the side that is used to hook one, to the side that you press on the other clothespin, it will be easy to personalize them with a colored adhesive tape or with DIY drawings. the earphones and the plug in the holes of the clips, you can wrap the wire of the earphones around the body of the clip and find them every time ready for a quick and practical use.

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2. The paper clip

An even faster method is the choice of the paperweight spring which is very useful in a wide range of cases. In this case, the two heads of the earphones will be inserted in the part of the spring that serves to stop the cards and the cables instead wound and fixed. around the rods that open the spring. Easily locked and immediately usable. Here you can find out, in addition to the trick for the earphones, how many other things this gadget is useful for:

3. The credit card

Old credit card, or gym card, or bus pass: why throw them away if you can recycle them? There are various ways to cut them making them functional for wrapping the earphones. It will always be sufficient to create the space for the headphones, and use the body of the chosen paper to wrap the wires. And that's it.

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