22nd week of pregnancy for mother and baby - 5th month of pregnancy

You have reached the twenty-second week of pregnancy and this means that the fifth month of your journey has already begun, which will lead you to the moment of birth and the meeting with your baby. The growth of the fetus is proceeding smoothly also in this quarter and surely you have already had the opportunity to see it with the ultrasound. But what else do you need to know for the expectant mother? Before reading further, here is a video with the things not to do during pregnancy.


We have collected the typical symptoms of the 22nd week of pregnancy. Here they are below.

  • pain in the round ligament of the uterus
  • constipation
  • bloating and flatulence
  • acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn
  • fluid retention
  • leg cramps
  • nervous hunger
  • shortness of breath
  • stretch marks on the stomach, thighs and breasts
  • mood swings and depression
  • pelvic pain
  • articolar pains
  • contractions of Braxton Hicks
  • itching on the stomach, back and nipples
  • increased vaginal secretions

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22nd week of pregnancy: changes in the woman's body

At the twenty-second week of pregnancy, the belly continues to grow and is increasingly visible, also in this phase the "uterus is positioned approximately 2 centimeters above the navel
The weight gain of the woman stabilizes at 225 grams per week and it is not uncommon that in some cases the expectant mother also notices an increase in the size of the shoes: often during pregnancy the woman's feet grow by acquiring a number more than first.
The person responsible for what has just been described is the relaxin hormone which acts on joints and ligaments, loosening them and causing a slight expansion of the bones.
The hormone just mentioned is not the only cause of the increase in the feet, in fact, even the swelling of the joints typical of the period of pregnancy can cause the old shoe size to no longer fit.

During these weeks you may begin to feel the baby's hiccups, a strange rhythmic movement, other than kicks and punches that could last up to a few minutes.

Blood flow can lead to pressure drops, with occasional hot flashes and dizziness.

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The growth and development of the baby at the twenty-second week of pregnancy

The fetus in the twenty-second week of pregnancy is about the size of a papaya: its length is 27 centimeters, and the weight is around 430 grams.

In this phase the surface of the brain, initially smooth, begins to be covered with furrows and folds that will remain at least until the thirty-fourth week, when the cranial area will be able to accommodate the necessary number of nerve cells. The formation of a fat under the skin layer will also be of vital importance.

The 22nd week is also and above all important for the development of the baby's sensory organs: touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell are developing considerably, parallel to the nerve endings, and to the growth of the brain.

The baby will have already begun to touch his face, grabbing the umbilical cord with his little hands. Also there
vision continues to develop and although the eyelids are sealed, the baby is able to distinguish light from dark. The irises are not yet colored and it is not possible to know what color the eyes will be.

As for the internal organs, the liver begins to produce the enzymes necessary for its optimal functioning. The pancreas - essential for hormone production - continues to develop dramatically.

In general, by the twenty-second week of pregnancy, the baby already has eyebrows and eyelashes, and even the hair begins to appear. All the hair has no pigmentation, but appears white.

Eyes, nose, cheeks and lips are distinct.
The skin begins to be less transparent also thanks to a layer of fat.

The baby moves more and more and it is easier to feel it clearly. However, for long moments, it "leaves you alone", as it sleeps 16 to 20 hours a day. It may happen that your sleep rhythms are out of phase with his: often it is in the evening, when you go to bed and you are about to sleep, that the little one begins to move ...

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Tips to avoid back pain in pregnancy

Experiencing back pain is one of the aspects that the expectant mother has to deal with, even and especially in the twenty-second week of pregnancy. Here are our tips for preventing lower back pain.

- Standing with your feet parallel, relax your shoulders, stretch your neck and arch your pelvis back, so that your lower back is as straight as possible.
- Sit on the ground with your legs crossed: this position is ideal for your back, the buttocks are stable and the back can stay straight without being contracted.
- To pick up objects, use your hands to leverage them by resting them on your legs: bend your knees and not your back!
- Do without heels of more than 4 cm: first of all, because you would risk falling and then because they accentuate the curvature of the back. An idea: wedge shoes!

What to do if back pain does not give you respite?
- Put on a back support band: it will relieve pain, supporting the belly and spine and compressing the pelvis bones.
- Get moving! Always under medical supervision, do stretching, yoga, swimming. These sports will strengthen your abdominal and vertebral muscles, which are very stressed during this period.
- Prefer train journeys to car journeys, which are more uncomfortable for your back. Or, make stops at least every two hours to stretch your body a little.
- During the third trimester, avoid carrying weights, moving furniture (even small ones), lifting cartons ...
- Finally, treat yourself to massages. They won't heal a sciatica, but they will help you relax by stretching your muscles. Your doctor may prescribe physiotherapy sessions; or, he could show the future dad some things to do at home to relieve your pain.

Useful information not to be forgotten

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  • Enroll in the childbirth preparation course
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  • Fourth obligatory prenatal gynecological examination.
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