17 birth photos that are sure to get you excited

This American photographer has been portraying the most exciting moment in a mother's life for 5 years. Her shots are extremely natural and remind us of the effort, and the reward, that characterize the birth of a child.

© Leilani Rogers

"For many women, childbirth is a" private experience"explains Leilani Rogers."We don't want to clear it but we have to teach our children its beauty so that they too, one day, can celebrate it. I believe that people will see these photos as something revealing and fascinating at the same time'.

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One of the goals of the photographer is to change the minds of those who believe that these images are too unpleasant to see because they are too "true". "I hope that thanks to the photos you realize that childbirth is nothing repulsive because a birth, in my opinion, is a real miracle"This proud mother proves it to us as she gives birth to a pair of twins for the third time!

Rogers took these photographs in the hospital or in the homes of those who have decided to give birth naturally. "It doesn't matter where a new life is born: we all work hard and love our little ones with every fiber of our being.'.

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