The fruit with a thousand properties: discover the 10 unexpected benefits of pomegranate

Thanks to its high content of antioxidant polyphenols, pomegranate, a native fruit of Iran, has long been considered one of nature's most extraordinary fruits thanks to its fight against free radicals and aging.

Ancient cultures, from the Greek to the Babylonian, were attracted by this very particular fruit, which was even considered as an earthly symbol of divine power. This idea was certainly reinforced by the fact that the pomegranate plant grows in hostile places and survives in very low temperatures. The fruits are harvested in late November and can be found at the fruit stand until the end of January.

The name "pomegranate", which comes from the Latin and means "apple with seeds", recalls the structure of the fruit, red and as big as an apple and composed of many seeds whose color varies from pink to red.

In addition to pomegranate, here are the other foods that should never be missing in our diet.

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And now discover all the benefits of pomegranate!

1. They are rich in powerful antioxidants

The next time you feel thirsty, try drinking pomegranate juice, thanks to the phytochemicals it contains, such as tannins and anthocyanins, both of which are known to fight cancer, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and make your skin perfect.

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2. They help cell regeneration

Not only is pomegranate natural anti-inflammatory and high in essential fatty acids, it also helps promote cell generation and skin repair. All of which makes it one of the very few natural ingredients that can really make a difference to our appearance (in so many ways).

Pomegranate has been shown to stimulate keratinocyte cells in the skin which contribute to cell regeneration, thus making it a fantastic anti-aging ingredient.

3. Helps prevent heart disease

The properties of pomegranate are also known to reduce the chances of a heart attack and stroke by keeping blood vessels in perfect condition. Ellaic acid, the main antioxidant ingredient found in pomegranate juice, is not found in any other. occurs in nature and is thought to lower bad cholesterol, a major cause of heart failure.

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4. It can help reduce the risk of breast cancer

A food that can help stall cancer? Seems like pomegranates can do the right thing ...

Ellagitannins are bioactive polyphenols found in pomegranates. These polyphenols can help prevent breast cancer cell formation through aromatase inhibition. Pomegranate is also a natural adaptogen, increasing estrogen levels when the body needs it, but blocking stronger estrogen when levels are too high.This innate intelligence to adapt its function to the body's needs is one of the incredible benefits of this. extraordinary fruit.

5. It can resolve your mood swings

Are you emotional, upset and angry? If you suffer from PMS mood swings or suffer from menopausal weeding, pomegranate will help.

Pomegranates contain vitamins E and C, selenium and beta-carotene, useful for relieving or reducing hot flashes (especially during menopause) and mood swings.

6. Helps keep bones strong

Consuming pomegranate regularly can help raise your calcium level - excellent news for your bones!

It is important to get the right amount of calcium per day in order to prevent diseases related to bone loss such as osteoporosis. Drinking or eating pomegranates is especially helpful if the bone loss is due to changes in menopause.

This is because pomegranate seeds contain estrogen, the hormone that women gradually lose during menopause due to the depletion of eggs in their ovaries.

7. It will keep you young!

When it comes to skin care, pomegranates never fail to amaze. While they help protect and nourish the skin, pomegranates also help fight the signs of aging with younger looking skin.

The dermis (outer layer of the skin) is made up of collagen and elastic fibers. Wrinkles that occur in the dermis are due to the degradation of collagen and elastin. Vitamin C is an integral part of collagen formation allowing proteins to get stronger, and the good news? Only one pomegranate has 48 percent of the daily value of vitamin C.

8. It can help exfoliate the skin

Crushed pomegranate seeds are perfect for exfoliation! Why not make a DIY face and body scrub with some sugar? It's much easier than you think ...

To help eliminate dead skin cells, simply combine a pomegranate seed puree with coconut oil and sugar.

9. Help protect against UV damage

Thanks to the presence of antioxidants, including gallic and ellagic, this "magic" fruit helps protect the skin against UVB damage, protecting DNA cells from free radical damage.

Additionally, pomegranates help avoid skin cancer, the effects of skin aging and also help relieve sunburn symptoms.

10. Protects your brain

Pomegranates help the body and skin fight free radicals, preventing disease and nourishing the skin, but they can also do a lot for your brain by protecting it against various diseases like Alzheimer's.

How is pomegranate consumed?

A portentous fruit, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, pomegranate is considered a super food. The beans are consumed, but the juice is also very good and much appreciated.
In the kitchen, pomegranate can be used to give a crunchy touch to salads, but also to season meat and fish with tasty sauces.
And of course pomegranate is excellent in desserts: from cakes to spoon desserts (such as panna cotta) to pastries: you are spoiled for choice!

For more useful information on the benefits of pomegranate, you can visit the Humanitas website.

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